Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kristen Stewart nipples

We don't care whether you support Team Edward or Team Jacob or Team Alice Cullen, we have a feeling that unless your name is Liberty Ross, you're totes gonna want to see these pictures!

But it's nothing Robert Pattinson hasn't seen before — and maybe Rupert Sanders!

Kristen Stewart put her twi-hard nipples on celluloid for the indie film On the Road and while she can pawn these racy, REVEALING shots off as art, we can't help but think she's probably grateful in hindsight for agreeing to go full frontal. Nothing short of that will distract the masses from the fact that she screwed over her BF to (possibly) screw her director!

Going by the trailer and the buzz surrounding the film, On the Road looks to be an awesome flick! The fact that it is based on the very successful namesake novel only whets the appetite of the fans!

On the Road revolves around Sal Paradise (Sam Riley), who embarks upon a journey across America with his best friend Dean Moriarty (Garrett Hedlund)! In the film, you’ll see Kristen Stewart as Marylou, the very young wife of Moriarty!

To top it all, Kristen Stewart has reportedly gone completely nude for the film and will even be seen giving handjobs to the male protagonists! Sadly for the viewers though, in both the trailers released so far, all you manage to get is the minutest of peeks of Stewart’s raunchy side! The film will release in December and that is when we’ll perhaps get to see it all!

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