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ashley greene hot

ashley greene hot

New Moon hottie Ashley Greene flaunts her athletic physique in sexy nude photos for SoBe fitness water.

The ads featuring a naked, bodypainted Greene will run in this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue (which comes out in February).

Ashley's bodypaint was done by make-up artist Joanne Gair in Turks and Caicos, where the photoshoot took place. Ashley Greene nude photos naked picture for Sobe fitness water Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue

"It took the artist 12 hours to paint the SoBe scales on each skinsuit, but it was totally worth it," gushes Greene. "It's an experience I'll never forget."

The gorgeous Ashley Green, who plays vampire Alice Cullen in the Twilight films, trained four hours a day to prep for the ramped-up action scenes in New Moon and its sequel, Eclipse.

"We had a personal trainer and then we also had [mixed-martial arts] fight training," said Greene. "It was a good four hours a day of training."

ashley greene hot


As for dieting, Ashley Green --who looks slimmer in New Moon--says she hardly had time to eat, thanks to the film's hectic shooting schedule.

"We were working 12 hours a day, so it didn't leave too much time to eat," says Greene. When she did eat, she snacked on "really healthy stuff." Ashley Greene nude Sobe photos naked picture Ashley Greene New Moon Alice Cullen

To maintain her killer bikini body, Ashley Green does Pilates six days a week but avoids weight-lifting, saying it bulks her up.

"I do [Pilates] early in the morning," she says. "It wakes you up, and it's kind of refreshing. I am not a big weight person because when I do weights I build muscle mass."

So what is Ashley's weakness when it comes to dieting? "Cheez-Its are my vice, so I never buy them myself," says Greene.

She adds: "Usually someone else is buying them for me and they're like, 'I know you love them.' I will eat a whole box. I have no self control. So my solution is to get baggies and zip locks and Tupperware and give myself only one portion to take with me during the day."


Greene, who recently made headlines after racy nude photos of her surfaced online, says her dream role is to be a James Bond girl.

"I want to hit up James Bond," she says. "That would be awesome."

For now, Ashley Green and her young co-stars will be busy until at least 2011, filming and promoting all the Twilight sequels (Eclipse wrapped shooting Oct. 30, and Breaking Dawn is next on tap).

How do you get into the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue if you're not a model? Appear in an ad campaign, of course.

"Twilight's" Ashley Greene will be sporting two body-painted "skinsuits" as part of SoBe's "Wearing Zero" campaign to promote their zero calorie Cherimoya Punch and Strawberry Dragonfruit drinks.

Which is kind of funny since last summer she decided to take legal action over those other nude photos of her out there on the Web.

Painting on the suits is a 12-hour process and the shoot took plae in the Turks and Caicos.

"The images of Ashley modeling her SoBe skinsuits on the beach and in the jungle say zero calories, zero inhibitions and uninhibited fun," says SoBe's marketing director, Angelique Krembs.

You can check out the shooting of the Web ad in the video below. Poor girl must have been finding sand in inconvenient places for weeks after rolling around on the beach unprotected like that.

Ashley was nice in the beginning….the fame got to her. The first time I met her at Easter I couldn’t think more highly of her. She chatted with Melissa and I for a good half hour in our hotel lobby. So nice. Then she banged a few hollywood actors and took a few nudy pics. She’s trashy now. Although smart moves on the nudy pics, cuz it’s getting her wicked exposure….if you want that kind of exposure. Anyways, the next time i saw her in August she was stuck up and annoying. And her dog is the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s only good with people just like her….

ashley greene hot

ashley greene hot

ashley greene hot

ashley greene hot

ashley greene hot

ashley greene hot

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