Monday, October 15, 2012

amanda todd story

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Amanda Todd was found dead at her home on October 10th in British Columbia. A month before her death, the 15 year-old girl had posted an silent 8 minute video on YouTube that detailed the amount of bullying that she had gone though, beginning since the 7th grade. The video was titled: "My story: Struggling, bullying, suicide, self harm."

Amanda Todd began by explaining that she frequently used to video chat with her friends using a webcam. She said her friends described her as "stunning, beautiful" and "perfect." But during one chat session, an anonymous man suggested that she flash the camera. Todd agreed to flash the camera.
After flashing the camera Todd explained that she received a message on Facebook, which threatened to use the photo of her chest to blackmail her.

"If you don't put on a show for me, I will send your boobs," the message read, according to Todd's YouTube story. "He knew my address, school, relatives, family names."
Over Christmas break the police arrived at Todd's door at four in the morning, informing her parents that the photo of her chest had been sent to the entire school. The incident prompted Todd's life to spiral out of control.

By now, many of us are familiar with the sad details behind Amanda Todd's death.

As a human, a man, a brother to four sisters, an uncle to a beautiful 10-year-old niece, and hopefully one day a father, Amanda Todd's story breaks my heart. Feelings of helplessness and depression have touched my life in a personal way, and I can only get two minutes into the video she posted before I am overcome and cannot continue to watch. [Warning: in addition to the video, there are graphic, disturbing comments, which should have been disabled long ago.]

But beyond the screaming headlines taking almost macabre joy in the eyeballs they can attract over a pretty cheerleader who met an untimely end, there are some important questions raised. In a society where we have the responsibility to protect the weakest amongst us, how was a ruthless sex predator able to target this child so easily?

The answers require much soul searching and reach far beyond what I can write in this space.

amanda todd nude

amanda todd nude

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