Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blake Lively nude picture

blake lively nude

Here’s hottie Blake Lively giving us a great look at her perfect cleavage while she films scenes for that Gossip Girl crap on a scooter yesterday. Man she’s gorgeous. I’m not exactly the kind of guy who enjoys a scooter ride, unless I’m wearing nothing but a bathing suit while heading to a beach in Greece of course, but if Blake wants to go for a ride I’m all for it. She can drive, I’ll sit on the back and hold on as tightly as I possibly can. I’ll still be in just a bathing suit of course.

Poor Blake Lively, no-one knew who she was yesterday and now, while we still don't really know who she is, we've certainly got a much better idea of what a fake version of her looks like. All of her. That's right, she's taken naked snaps of herself and somehow they've been posted on the internet. Again. Hackers probably. It's always hackers. Little rascals.

Background? Ok, well for those of you that can remember as far back as yesterday, you'll recollect that we posted up some rather saucy pictures of a girl that looked a lot like actress Blake Lively, but wasn't, for legal reasons. Unfortunately for little miss the-internet-stole-my-innocence, it looks like the original leaker of the pictures has taken offense at being called a liar by her reps and so has decided to post another fine selection of pictures that aren't Blake. For legal reasons.

So there you go. More fakes. What is the world coming to? It's not like she would have taken her kit off for the any old shitty film offer that came through. Not with her calibre of acting.

Oh, come on. These couldn't look more legitimate. It's like she took snaps of any and all the identifying marks on her body, dumped those photos in a folder with a vast array of totally naked breast and arse shots she'd modelled for earlier, then labelled the whole thing 'Top sekrit, no hakerz'. However, despite this, we still have to call them fakes, because we can't know for sure.

Also, for your information, Blake lively used to be in Gossip Girl. That's what she's not famous for doing. Hope that helps.

blake lively nude

blake lively nude

blake lively

blake lively nude

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