Friday, August 10, 2012

Lolo Jones scandal

lolo jones nude

Tasteful? Maybe.But was it necessary?

Des Moines native and Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones recently told Keith Murphy of Channel 13 that “she would (pose) if she could take a tasteful picture that would send young girls the message they don’t have to be skinny or starve themselves.”

But she looks great …Of course she looks great. Not the point.The point is: If ‘sending a message’ was the rationale here, you could probably do it without posing in the buff.Don’t you think?

Hey. If you got it, flaunt it.Fair enough. But don’t tell me it’s about sending a ‘message.’It’s about flaunting.It’s about marketing Lolo Jones — the athlete, the brand. Plain and simple. And more power to her. Mission accomplished.

The problem with saying you are a virgin and posing naked in magazines is that the world tends not to leave you alone. And so Lolo Jones is not going to disappear from these Olympics, even as she flickered out of the 100-meter hurdles with a fourth-place finish on Tuesday night.

A day later, her name still dangled over the Olympic Stadium because of a morning appearance on the “Today” show during which she cried. She said she was crying because of a column in the New York Times that criticized her for being a marketing creation built more on looks than athletic substance. She said this was unfair. She said the newspaper should be supporting her because it is published on American soil.

The video of her crying made the Internet on Wednesday morning and by afternoon it had become one of those things that everybody was talking about. Was the column fair? Was she too sensitive? Didn’t the two women who finished ahead of her criticize her too?

lolo jones nude

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