Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kristen Bell Is Hot

kristen bell hot

Actress Kristen Bell and boyfriend Dax Shepard are engaged, her rep confirmed.

Bell and Shepard have been a dating a few years, since just after he dated Kate Hudson, and the pair are currently costarring in "When in Rome."

Last week Kristen Bell went ringless during the movie's press junket, but during Sunday night's Grammys, at which she presented, she had on the ring and gave a glimpse when she lifted her left hand up, as seen below.

According to Us Magazine Shepard, 35, proposed to Bell, 29, over the holidays.
Beauty    — January 23, 2012 at 8:42 pm
Actress Kristen Bell on Vegetarianism, Boyfriend Dax Shepard & her Favorite “Butt Cheek” Exercise
by Fitz Koehler

Kristen Bell is starring in like, 700 movies in the next year, but you probably know her best as the babe from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. She’s starring in a new Showtime drama about boardroom intrigue, House of Lies, this month’s feel-good release Big Miracle, and later this year, Outrun, a film directed by her longtime partner, Dax Shepard. SELF magazine sat down with this busy lady to chat about her healthy lifestyle, favorite workouts, special indulgences and yes … what she says she does to maintain her fabulous “butt cheeks”. So funny. Enjoy some of the highlights here and if you’d like to read the whole darn feature, grab a copy of February’s SELF magazine!.

kristen bell hot
kristen bell hot
“I love to cook. I have a tiny Italian grandmother inside me. If someone walks in, I’m like, “Let me make you a sandwich!” We all have a giving-love language and a receiving-love language. I show love by cooking. When people have patience with me, I feel so loved. Dax is extremely patient with me.”

“I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 11, because I couldn’t under- stand why if we didn’t eat the dog I should eat a burger. I love animals, and I stand by my values. So in the morning, I have an apple and, if we have leftover pizza, I scrape the toppings into egg whites. Pizza eggs are better than you can imagine! For lunch, I’ll have a big salad and a veggie burger. I’m a fan of multi-course dinners. Last night, I made Brussels sprouts baked with balsamic vinegar, grapes and walnuts; butternut squash ravioli; and a “garbage disposal” salad, which is everything in the veggie and fruit drawers: lentils, spinach, romaine, blueberries, cucumbers, raspberries, almonds, carrots and avocado. Literally anything. You don’t even need a dressing because there are so many tastes.”

“I’m proud of my patience. I’ve worked really hard to curb my natural impatience by realizing that everyone is doing the best they can. I’m least proud of my ability to be lazy and procrastinate by spending time on my computer or in front of the TV, watching America’s Funniest Home Videos, the greatest show on television. To anybody who pooh-poohs it, I say, “Just give it 30 minutes.”

“I mostly go for hour-long hikes with friends, but sometimes, I’ll do pilates or 20 minutes of calisthenics, like push-ups and sit- ups. I go through spurts. Working out for me has nothing to do with body image—I refuse to look in the mirror and hate myself. My goal isn’t to change my body; it’s to make my body happy.

kristen bell hot

kristen bell hot

kristen bell hot

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