Thursday, July 26, 2012

Minka Kelly real nude?

Writing this site I often come off as a jaded, cynical atheist with a undeniable reputation of dealing out sexual thunder in the bedroom, but every once in a while a story comes along that makes me take pause and wonder if maybe there is somebody up there making sure this world doesn’t fall into complete and utter chaos.

This is one of those stories. Via JustJared:

Sources exclusively tell that they [Minka Kelly and Wilmer Valderrama] are “definitely not a couple.” They just have a lot of mutual friends and hang in the same social circles.

And, of course, Minka Kelly isn’t banging Fez because had any of us stopped to even think about it for a second: A. She doesn’t have a history of snorting blow and/or self-mutilation. And B. Even more obviously, Minka Kelly’s not in high school. She might as well have a penis as far as Fez is concerned.

Minka Kelly is a breathtakingly stunning American actress who is recognized for starring on the TV series Friday Night Lights, and Charlie's Angels. Her filmography includes motion pictures including: The Roommate, and Searching for Sonny.

Minka Kelly Popular Quotes
"In acting classes, you can choose scenes to act those things out. In everyday life, you're supposed to be this happy, normal person. I'm really big into passion and love and expressions. Acting allows me to display it."

"It blows my mind that anyone could be unkind to anyone. The guy clearing our plates is a person. I don't care if you're sweeping the floor. I don't care if you're cleaning my toilet."

"I like making material that people can relate to and see how I'm going through it or my character deals with it. I think the drama can connect with someone more than a sitcom."

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