Monday, June 25, 2012

Kaley Cuoco real naked?

Where You’ve Seen Her: Kaley Cuoco is one of the three stars on the hit show Charmed, and though not as hot as Alyssa Milano, Kaley Cuoco still pretty damn hot.  After Charmed, she starred in several bit roles for TV and movies until finally landing a role on another hit show Big Bang Theory, which sounds more like a romantic comedy about highschool nerds trying to bang a really, really large person.Actress Kaley Cuoco is missing out on filming hit show The Big Bang Theory after reportedly breaking her leg in a horse riding accident last weekend.

Kaley Cuoco is currently in a Los Angeles hospital following a nasty fall, and will have to miss the taping of the popular sitcom on Tuesday night, according to Sources tell the website that if she is unable to return for filming next week, the show will have to be rewritten around her absence.

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