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Debby ryan hot

debby ryan hot

debby ryan hot

debby ryan hot

debby ryan hot

debby ryan hot

Debby Ryan showed off her red hair at the premiere of Walt Disney Pictures new movie “Prom” on April 21, 2011. The premiere was held at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, California and a number of Disney stars attended!

What do you think of debby's hair and her red carpet outfit? Is this a look you would sport to your own prom?

We are so excited to learn more about Debby’s new Disney Channel Original Series “Jessie” that is currently in the works. It will be fun to see Debby star in her own show!

Debby Ryan gets ready to take over the airwaves in this new still from Radio Rebel.

In the upcoming DCOM, the 18-year-old actress plays Tara Adams, an introverted high school junior who can’t bring herself to speak in class — and especially when the newly-popular rocker, Gavin (Adam DiMarco), is in her midst. Tara can’t imagine anything more intimidating than when her drama teacher teams her in class with Gavin and his prom date, the school’s cliquish queen bee, Stacy (Merritt Patterson).

Her shyness at school notwithstanding, alone in her room at home, Tara casts herself as Radio Rebel and, as host of a nightly podcast, showcases her passion for music and self-expression and her message to abandon cliques and celebrate each other’s differences.

Radio Rebel quickly gains fans on campus — especially when her show lands on a big, local radio station — much to the chagrin of the school’s principal who considers Radio Rebel and her message to be in clear defiance of the school’s “anti-distraction policy.” Meanwhile, Gavin raves about the mysterious host and her taste in music but still, shy Tara – now oddly jealous of her alter-ego – can barely finish a sentence in front of him.

As students clamor to learn the identity of Radio Rebel and the show’s popularity extends across Seattle, Tara’s two worlds begin to collide, reaching an apex when Radio Rebel is nominated prom-queen and the school, in turn, bans prom, causing a backlash from her fans. Now, Tara wrestles with two even bolder moves — organizing an alternative to the prom and revealing that she is Radio Rebel.

Debby Ryan is one of the most watched, young stars in the business today. Best known for her starring role as "Bailey Pickett" on the hit Disney Channel series "The Suite Life on Deck," Ryan has emerged as not only a stellar actress and a teen idol, but a budding businesswoman and true creative force in the business. In 2010, Ryan starred "16 Wishes" and she also sang the theme song "A Wish Comes True Everyday," and wrote an original song entitled "Open Eyes," producing it with her singer-songwriter brother Chase. She also appeared in the independent film "What If..." opposite Kevin Sorbo, John Ratzenberger, and Kristy Swanson. Ryan is set to star iin her own Disney Channel series "Jessie" and the DCOM "Radio Rebel" in 2011. She is also an avid music lover, writer, and entrepreneur.

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